Upcoming Events

Outdoor Health National Forum – April 2024

You are welcome to come and sit with First Nations peoples to learn the right way with Country. Develop a deeper understanding of Indigenous healing and outdoor health. Everyone coming together, sharing their stories. In looking after Country, Country looks after us. Take the time to slow down. Come for a week, stay for a month in Tassie. See you there!

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Past Events

AABAT National Forum – Oct 2022

After two years apart, the AABAT community rejoiced in two days of immersion in community nestled into bushland on the banks of the Onkaparinga River, SA. With special guests Dr Richard (Harry) Harris, Operation Flinders participant Abigail, Rosemary Wangadeen and Dr Scott Polley, this forum had a practical focus with canoe, drumming and nature immersion sessions.

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Outdoor Health National Symposium – Nov 2021

With over 30 presentations from Outdoor Health practitioners, researchers and therapists from all over the world, and facilitated by MC Costa Georgiadis, this event was 2 days filled with robust discussions, deep connections, and sense of community and fulfillment. From social prescribing, mindful decolonisation, Indigenous practices, and planetary health, through to trauma informed outdoor care, and the use of the outdoors in family therapy, there was something for everyone.

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Outdoor Health Research Forum – Aug 2021

The Outdoor Health Research Forum 2021 provides an opportunity for researchers to share their work, explore intersections, and germinate collaborative projects with impact. As well as hearing from key speakers, attendees had an opportunity to share a brief overview of their work with the whole group.

Outdoor Healthcare Roundtable – Nov 2020

The whole-day Roundtable provided updates on the Outdoor Health initiative – Purpose, Common practice framework, Ethics, and results of a Literature Review on the ‘Common elements of nature-based health practices’. The day also provided opportunities for people to share their thoughts on the journey of Outdoor Health in Australia.  

NAIDOC – Nov 2020

Our Indigenous “Nature & Health” Symposium presenters, along with Dr Gregory P. Smith, have generously provided their permission to share their collection of recordings as a resource for our continuing growth.

AABAT recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent of Australia for over 65,000 years. 

This collection of presentations and conversations encourages us to think about Aboriginal and Indigenous ways of knowing and being, provides insights into the timeless wisdom of Indigenous health practices, and deepens our understanding of how nature connects, bonds, and grows us.

We are delighted to share these Indigenous wisdoms with a wider audience, and celebrate the continuing generation of Indigenous wisdom in this land.

Topics included: Centering Indigenous Approaches, Trauma-informed Approaches, Human-Nature Connections and Restoring People and Planet.

Nature & Health – Research, Practice and Policy – Online Symposium – Jun 2020

The inaugural “Nature & Health” – Research, Practice and Policy Symposium 2020 was adapted to an online format, and showcased health modalities that are good for both people and natural environments. The inaugural “Nature & Health – Research, Practice and Policy Symposium 2020” was adapted to an online format, and showcased health modalities that are good for both people and natural environments.