Research and Evidence

Promising evidence

While the full scope and effects of nature-based interventions are yet to be synthesised, research demonstrates it is likely that nature-based interventions:

  • can be used to support the health of humans across the lifespan, from infancy through childhood, and young adulthood to older adulthood
  • can be used across the continuum of need, from prevention through early intervention, treatment or therapy, continuing care and palliative care
  • can provide benefits across physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, spiritual and ecological domains of human wellbeing 
  • can strengthen peoples’ bio-psycho-socio-ecological wellbeing
  • can be delivered to individuals, couples, families, communities, peer groups and other target groups, and 
  • can provide effective treatment for people recovering from the effects of early life trauma or traumatic events, along with other targeted interventions, such as for those struggling with drug and alcohol misuse, mental ill health, a range of  disabilities and relationship difficulties, to name a few examples.

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