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Help health practitioners, carers and individuals find your valuable outdoor health service! We are about to relaunch our Outdoor Health Service Directory, thanks to support from the Victorian department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions. If you provide any kind of outdoor health services, from self-guided education programs to clinical care, we would love to … Read more

Outdoor Health Policy Update Feb 2022 – Anita Pryor

Over the last 3 years, with guidance from Aboriginal and specialist mentors Aunty Judy Atkinson, Uncle Ken Jones, Carlie Atkinson, Luke Mabb and Jacob Prehn, input from AABAT members and proponents of related nature-based health practices, and discussions with wide-ranging policy makers, the Policy Unit has progressed a number of specific goals and objectives. Consistent with AABAT’s roots, collaboration and consultation continue to be deeply valued and central to the work of AABAT’s Policy Unit.